Become Retail Ready and Sell in Multiple Marketplaces and Chain Stores

Check out this video for a quick intro on whats in the most up to date and comprehensive masterclass on retail training out there. Learn step by step how to get your products into Home Depot, Best Buy, Walmart, Target and their online platforms


From Product To Brand

Learn how to sell your products on Walmart, Home Depot, Target, Wayfair, Best Buy, etc to massively increase your income. We give step by step instructions on exactly what you need to make your product ready for retail and the strategies on how to sell it. No Product? No problem! Learn to find a product from top 8 figure sellers and how to rank them to the top keyword searches. NO PREVIOUS SALES EXPERIENCE NEEDED.
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Whats Inside

Detailed How To

Learn Step By Step What You Need To Become Retail Ready Before Presenting Your Product And The Strategy to Pitch 

Diversify Your Income

Learn To Sell on Multiple Retail Marketplaces Online and In Stores to Solidify Your Business

Automation Through Sales Reps

Learn How to Build a Network of Sales Reps and Distributors To Sell Your Product For you

How To Rank

Learn To Rank Your Product To The Top Of The Top Keywords on,, etc. To Generate Instant Online Sales. Works With All Platforms!

Learn From The Pro's

Dozens of Coaching Calls With CEO's and Retail Experts from 8 to 9 Figure Companies On How To Sell To Retail and Expand Your Business as well as exclusive access to them to help get your product into stores.

Over 6000 Buyer's Email and Contacts

Receive over 4k emails / contact information for buyers from the top 500 retailers across America. a $2500 value added FREE


Access to an exclusive mastermind where likeminded individuals get together and share notes 

Increase your multiple

Companies selling in big box stores have a 20-40% higher multiple

Join the Brands 10X Masterclass with the Brandman

Including access to our mastermind group, events, live coaching calls, and more

Frequently Asked Questions

Joining the masterclass automatically gets you access to the gold membership mastermind, 5000 buyers email, and full course on retail expansion and ranking. 

You will be connected with other students as well as manufacturer reps, and retail pros who can help you get your products into stores. We will have monthly training calls to keep you on the path to success. 

The masterclass is literally laid out step by from beginning to having your product on shelves.

1. Prerequisites: Get your product ready for retail. All the step by step actions you need to take before pitching your product and selling in other marketplaces.

2. Manufacturer Reps: Learn how to find Manufacturer representatives who your product for you on a commission only basis. You do nothing and pay nothing until they bring you sales

3. Approaching Big Box: Step by step on how to find buyers for stores like Target or and exact email sequences on what to say to them to get your product into stores. Includes a list of over 5000 emails of buyers from the top 500 retail stores

4. Launch Strategy: How to launch your product on other .com marketplaces like,,, etc. How to get reviews. How to get to the top of the search results for your keywords

5. Interview With The Pros: 1 hour interviews with top retail experts. They go over their strategy on how to best get into retail stores and some will offer their services to help get you into stores for very little cost assuming you have taken this course.


Yes! Selling to stores like Target, Walmart, etc actually helps your FBA business. When people see your product on other platforms they gain trust for your brand and often will go onto amazon to buy on there for convenience if they are prime members. This shows Amazon that you bring outside traffic and will actually boost your amazon rankings. 

This is all part of the plan for expanding your brand reach. The more people see your products on other platforms the more they will liken it to a real product, a real brand, and that builds trust. 

I hear this all the time and it is absolutely not true. The cost of selling to retail is about the same as selling on Amazon and so are the net profits. 

Launching any product on Amazon includes large giveaways, and high PPC prices. When you sell to retail there is often very little startup cost on launching and on advertisement. This is because everyone is fighting for the top keywords on amazon, but are completely neglecting the other 95% of the retail world. 

You may make less profit per unit because of selling at wholesale pricing, but you will make up for it in volume and bulk orders. 


This is another myth. As long as you get the proper training and learn all the pitfalls to selling to retail beforehand there is much less risk selling to retail then let's say Amazon. 

I cant tell you about the countless stories I hear about people getting suspended on Amazon from black hatters and unjustified suspensions. 

When you have your products diversified in retail stores across the nation your risk goes DOWN. If one retailer stops carrying your product, no problem, you have 50 more. If you sell just on Amazon and they stop carrying your product, you are done. 

There are horror stores across every business, but there are major success stories too. With our help we will eliminate all the risks there may be to selling to chain stores. 


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