Helping Entrepreneurs Achieve Their Potential


Helping Entrepreneurs Achieve Their Potential


Helping Entrepreneurs achieve their potential

Brands10X Platinum membership is an executive coaching mastermind that leverages a unique combination of leading-edge business tools and systems to help owners and their leadership teams grow their companies and finish strong. Our ground-breaking executive education programs assist high-achieving entrepreneurs in building strong, stable, marketable and profitable companies.

Our sole purpose is to make it easier for our clients to scale their businesses in such a way that they can enjoy the freedom and wealth they deserve and have worked hard to earn.

Within as few as 12 months our Members succeed in:

  • Understanding the forces that drive their industry
  • Defining a crystal-clear strategy
  • Discovering future growth opportunities
  • Setting clear priorities
  • Designing a structure that enables fast execution
  • Establishing habits and routines for team health and accountability
  • Designing and developing an engaging culture

Whats Inside

Monthly Live CEO Coaching

Helping CEOs gain focus and accountability, and become the purpose-driven leaders they aspire to be. Monthly live training webinars and office hours

Maximize Business Value

Work exclusively with other high level entrepreneurs to eliminate frustrations, achieve breakthrough growth, and maximize company value.

Strategic Execution

Helping you and your management team get aligned, focused, and accountable, working with purpose toward common goals.

Exit Strategy

Work with “Exiting Owners” to plan their exit, protect their wealth, plan their succession, and help execute their business transition.

Board Management

Helping board of directors get aligned and attuned to overall business objectives.

Business Growth

Helping leadership teams plan and execute growth strategies and produce predictable outcomes.

Who is Paul Cronin

Paul Cronin is a turnaround expert spending 6-years as a partner with Platinum Group where he successfully led the transition and succession of 4 organizations. He has been CEO or president of 5 closely-held companies in the past 30-years.

Paul has a passion for helping business owners get what they want from their business. Paul believes that breakthrough growth, maximum value and freedom comes by thinking differently, challenging the status quo and knowing how to execute consistently.

Who I serve

  • Business Owners, CEOs, Executive Managers, and their Leadership Teams
  • Entrepreneurial organizations with revenues from $1M to $1B
  • Work with “Exiting Owners” to plan their exit, protect their wealth, plan their succession, and help execute their business transition

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growing community

 “When we met Paul, we were at $140M in revenue and 96% of our business was with one client. 4 years later, were at $240M in revenue and down to 84% of our business with that same client. We have also improved our return on assets by 3% . Paul continually helps us see things differently to move our business towards our vision. The value we have received is a multiple of our investment with him.”


Brett Cobb, CEO | World Class Industries

“Originally, I thought of Paul as a short-term fix and that after 6 months we could tackle things on our own. But very quickly, I realized his value was so significant, that it made no sense to get rid of one of the best players on our team. 2 ½ years later, our partnership with Paul has helped us double our revenue and cash in the bank.”


Sean Knutson, Founder &CEO | Boveda

Gold Membership, Retail Masterclass and Mastermind Included free with Platinum



1. Prerequisites: Get your product ready for retail. All the step by step actions you need to take before pitching your product and selling in other marketplaces.

2. Manufacturer Reps: Learn how to find Manufacturer representatives who your product for you on a commission only basis. You do nothing and pay nothing until they bring you sales

3. Approaching Big Box: Step by step on how to find buyers for stores like Target or and exact email sequences on what to say to them to get your product into stores. Includes a list of over 5000 emails of buyers from the top 500 retail stores

4. Launch Strategy: How to launch your product on other .com marketplaces like,,, etc. How to get reviews. How to get to the top of the search results for your keywords

5. Interview With The Pros: 1 hour interviews with top retail experts. They go over their strategy on how to best get into retail stores and some will offer their services to help get you into stores for very little cost assuming you have taken this course.

Program Overview

Program Overview


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Get access to top-rated elite

business coaching.

Get access to top-rated elite

business coaching.