Need help expanding into retail?


The Brands 10X 

Retail Placement Program


Are Ready To 10X your company into brick & mortar retail?

Our Retail Placement program will completely change your company into a brick-and-mortar selling machine that you can be proud of!

  • Get your company retail ready or 
  • Expand your existing retail footprint
  • Create the proper packaging
  • Identify the retailers your product would do well in
  • Approach targeted retailers with our 20+ years of relationships

We have a proven track record over 20 years of getting hundreds of brands into every retail channel such as: big box, chain, grocery, specialty, drug, wholesale, department stores, online, and many more!

Get in to top stores with our proven model:

  • Marketplace research for best-fit stores for your brand on your product to determine the best stores for your brand and pitch your brand to retailers Go after the retail chains with the highest likelihood of success
  • Lead acquisition updates and progress calls on your brand

Yes, It Really Is Possible!


We can make this a reality!


What's Included In The Program...

Step 1


Review your entire brand for retail readiness and establish brand goals

  • Deep dive Consultation to identify the brand’s retail goals
  • Product evaluation and competitor comparison
  • Analysis of your Website, packaging, sell sheets, brand message
  • Examine wholesale and retail pricing to ensure healthy profit and margins
Step 2

Prep your brand for retail

Create a roadmap and make changes to become retail-ready to present to buyers

  • Deep dive competitor research
  • Perform analytics on top retail accounts to go after
  • Review changes to your website, sell sheets, brand message, and packaging
  • Review inventory, production, and fulfillment channels
Step 3

Pitch your brand to retailers!

This is where the magic happens

  • Present analytics on best fit retail targets for your products
  • Finalize desired retail store list to pursue
    • Design outreach plan and marketing tools to present your product to retail stores
  • Start pitching your brand!
    • Negotiate and present terms for yes accounts
    • Onboard with retailers
Step 4

Account Management and Growth

  • Ongoing account management and relationship maintenance
  • Monthly progress calls  and updates
  • Continued account relationship building for brand growth
  • Introduction to new account leads

 I'm Kelli Ivie


I am an inventor like you and I made products to make my life easier.  However, I have done the hard work for you.  I had to roll the rock up the hill and figure out myself how to be a successful inventor. Going through the trenches, no one would help me.  Other entrepreneurs and inventors would hold their golden lists to their chests and not share.  But for me, as people asked how I did it, I began helping.  I offered advice, contacts, resources.  I found that what gave me the greatest joy and where I found my passion was not in manufacturing, but in helping others realize their dreams. As a product and launch expert for over 20 years, I have helped hundreds of companies get into the retail channels they desired including Target, Nordstorms, Crate & Barrel, Best Buy, Walmart, Fred Meyer, and thousands of gift shop and specialty stores around the world. Many clients have been seen on SharkTank with successful outcomes.


"Kelli is one of the most organized and proactive business people that we have ever met.  Her marketing skills and knowledge of start-up businesses are exceptional.  She has an extensive list of contacts and is able to connect you to a variety of people (ie: lawyers, graphic designers, sales, social media, manufacturing, etc). Her ability to take our brand from an online business with Amazon and other online platforms into retail is just outstanding. Kelli is so well-connected and so well-liked that introducing our brand to large accounts and specialty stores globally seemed effortless for her. The relationships she has and the ability to bypass all hurdles to open discussions is the key factor in getting our products seen and considered by buyers and successfully into retail. 

- Personal Butler

"Kelli provides invaluable guidance on launching a new company. With over a decade of experience, she gone
has both strategic and technical knowledge in areas including working with a manufacturer, export
logistics, brand identity, public relations and creating a realistic budget. She is a natural negotiator and
knows how to get a good deal. Her list of contacts is extensive. I have no doubt that she has saved me
time and money. She also has tireless energy and support."

- Starpath Dolls

"First and foremost, Kelli and her team are a true pleasure to work with on a daily basis! They are open minded.
always going above and beyond any contractual obligations, and supportive of our brand in so many ways. Kelli and
team have been instrumental in helping us transition from online sales only, to positioning ourselves offline. Her
extensive network of contacts (and tenacity at following up on leads), have helped our brand partner with a number of
prominent sales representatives"

- Soxfords

"Kelli is truly amazing, fun to work with, one million percent professional and one of the best negotiators I
have met. We are now in high-end food stores. Thanks to Kelli's connections, we landed one of the top
food sales management teams in the business"

- Jenkins Jellies

"Kelli is a brand making genius! Kelli has impeccable taste and stellar integrity. If you need help getting
your idea or brand to the next level Kelli will guide you and set up incredible opportunities to get you there!
Kelli is amazing to work with. Kind, a great communicator, intelligent and shares her years of experience
with generosity. Kelli makes me feel invincible in my business!"

- Objects with a purpose

"K. Ivie has gone above and beyond to connect me with the right partners for my business. Kelli
is tenacious and well connected to distribution channels and manufactures. I've saved a considerable
amount of money on legal work and design by working through her channels. She has exceeded my
expectations by treating the distribution of my product as if it were her own. I would recommend K. Ivie
to anyone with a single product or product line in any stage"

- Vella Top

Retail Placement Program

  • Step 1 Discovery + Step 2 Retail Readiness:  $1250 (5 hours of consulting)
  • Step 3 Pitch:  $199 per lead per month
  • Step 4 Account Management:  $199 per account per month + Commission on landed accounts